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Transnational Speedway League is Clutch’s very first recording (1993) and was never before released on vinyl - until now. It is the next release in our vinyl only Clutch Collector’s Series. Clutch’s guitar mastermind, Tim Sult, quarterbacked this release from A to Z. The album is remastered and manufactured on 180-gram colored vinyl (Translucent Emerald Green) which in turn is stored in extra heavy sleeves. The artwork was redesigned by Dan Winters (original graphic designer) and Tim Sult. The gatefold jacket is printed on metalized polyester paper, and each album includes a numbered insert autographed by the band. It is safe to say that Clutch fans around the world will want to get their hands on one of these very limited albums (7,500 units worldwide/4000 US)

Clutch - Transnational Speedway League: anthems, anecdotes and undeniable truths, Clutch Collector's Series [Emerald Green LP]
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Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on white coloured 180-gram audiophile vinyl. One of the most famous Dutch bands ever is Shocking Blue. The band released some of their best-selling hits all around the world, including the still standing "Venus". It's one of the many songs which can be found on the double LP Single Collection Part 1. This collection was originally released in 1997 and consisted of 28 of their best tracks.
Shocking Blue - Single Collection (A's & B's) Part 1 [Colored Vinyl] (Gate)
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A tasty vinyl reissue of the 2000 tribute album to metal icon Ozzy Osbourned! Incredible performances by the likes of Lemmy from Motörhead, Goerge Lynch of Dokken, Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil, indie singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb, Toto's Steve Lukather, and lots more! Features superb versions of Ozzy classics "Crazy Train," "Mr. Crowley," and "Hellraiser" plus the Sabbath favorite "Paranoid" and more!
Bat Head Soup - Tribute To Ozzy / Various (Colv) - Bat Head Soup - Tribute To Ozzy / Various [Colored Vinyl]
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The Virgin Suicides Original Motion Picture Soundtrack feaures selections from Air, 10cc, Boston, Todd Rundgren, The Hollies, Al Green, Styx and more on 1LP black vinyl. Sofia Coppola's directioral debut launched her signature remarkable use of soundtrack in her storytelling, and was ranked among the 50 Best Films about High School in 2015.
Virgin Suicides / O.S.T. - Virgin Suicides / O.S.T.
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Special limited edition vinyl pressing of the rare San Francisco 1981 performance of the godfather of punk rock, Iggy Pop! Iggy's band is on fire here with longtime David Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar along with Blondie alums Gary Valentine and drummer Clem Burke!
Iggy Pop - San Francisco 1981 - Silver [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Slv)
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MASTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL ANALOG MASTER TAPES AND PRESSED ON MOFI SUPERVINYLOriginally intended as a clever poke at the era's trends that critics maintained were making the band irrelevant, the title of and music on The Long Run continue to prove The Eagles got the last laugh. Created in the wake of an exhaustive tour for Hotel California and the first album to feature Timothy B. Schmidt, the 1979 album ultimately became the final record the group would create for nearly three decades. Stacked with first-rate material and three mammoth singles, it ensured The Eagles never drifted far from the public consciousness and ended up moving more than seven million copies. Mastered from the original analog master tapes, pressed on MoFi SuperVinyl, and strictly limited and numbered, Mobile Fidelity's UltraDisc One-Step 180g 45RPM 2LP vinyl box set presents The Long Run in unparalleled sound.
Eagles - Long Run [Indie Exclusive] [Limited Edition] [180 Gram] [Indie Exclusive]
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Scott Biram H.

One & Only [Clear Vinyl]

ON SALE $29.98 Vinyl: $27.48 Buy

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. The One & Only Scott H. Biram showcases the singer's signature unapologetic style. Tracks like "No Man's Land" describe the hazards of growing up poor in a small Texas town, breathing the fumes from oil wells and brush fires. "Inside a Bar" captures the feel of an empty saloon on a slow Monday night. "I was going for the sound of loneliness and alcoholism colliding." "I view my albums as collages, combining elements from punk, metal, blues, country, and bluegrass. They reflect the diverse aspects of life - it's not a concept but an expression," explained Biram. With The One & Only Scott H. Biram the singer once again proves to be an unstoppable force and demonstrates his unique ability to live up to the traditions of rough-hewn, individualistic Texas-borne music.
Scott Biram  H. - One & Only [Clear Vinyl]
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Sheryl Crow

Evolution [Color LP]

ON SALE $29.98 Vinyl: $29.09 Buy

Nine-time Grammy Award winner and 2023 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee, Sheryl Crow, will release her 11th full length studio album, Evolution. The album comes as a welcomed surprise after Crow publicly stated that she would not release another full-length album after Threads (2018) and kicks off with her lead single “Alarm Clock,” which is perhaps Sheryl Crow’s most radio-friendly pop song since “Soak Up The Sun.”

Sheryl Crow - Evolution [Color LP]
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Limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on white coloured 180-gram audiophile vinyl. In 2005 Golden Earring released the third part of the "Naked" trilogy. In this series, the band perform their classic songs in an acoustic session. This final part of the series is unique because it is not just a collection of acoustic songs, but all the songs were recorded in one take during the live concert at the Panama in Amsterdam. The album is full of classic hits in a beautifully stripped-down form. A must for all Golden Earring fans.
Golden Earring - Naked Iii [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition] [180 Gram] (Wht) (Hol)
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Vinyl pressing of the ambitious full-length album of traditional British Isle folk songs from multi-platinum band 10,000 Maniacs! This unique project combines old world melodies and lyrics with the much loved 10k Maniacs sound as heard on the standout tracks "Misty Moisty Morning," "Canadee-I-O," "She Moves Through The Fair" and more! Founding member John Lombardo returned to the fold for this project, contributing guitar to the recording session!
000 10  Maniacs - Twice Told Tales
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The new 2023 release from Blues Image, featuring original guitarist and vocalist Mike Pinera who also went on to perform with Iron Butterfly. Free digital download of all of the tracks.The album features new recordings of the bands classics like "Ride Captain Ride" with orchestra, "In A Gada Da Vida" with the BB King Horn section, and guest appearances from Pat Travers, Jonathan Cain of Journey, and many more!Pressed on 180 Gram vinyl with colored sleeve.
Blues Image - Next Voyage [180 Gram] [Download Included]
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For the first time ever on vinyl, the debut album from psychedelic industrial band, Pressurehed! Originally released in 1992, this album united the powerful forces of Tommy Grenas, Marc Collignon and Len Del Rio, all 3 of whom would go onto play with some of the most groundbreaking artists of the 20th century including Nik Turner, Brainticket, Chrome and more! This special reissue contains both an unreleased track as well as never before heard mixes!
Pressurehed - Infadrone - Green [Colored Vinyl] (Grn) [Reissue]
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Analogue Productions (Atlantic Series) Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Atlantic Records! John Coltrane's watershed 1960 release featuring the iconic title track and 'Naima' One of the most influential jazz albums of all time! 180-gram 45 RPM double LP Mastered directly from the original master tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination by Stoughton Printing Released in 1960, Giant Steps was a watershed album for John Coltrane, solidifying the saxophone legend's reputation as one of the most influential and innovative musicians in jazz history, as well as delivering jazz to an increasingly mainstream audience, while garnering significant critical acclaim. Although this was John Coltrane's debut for Atlantic, he was concurrently performing and recording with Miles Davis. Within the space of less than three weeks, Coltrane would complete his work with Davis and company on another genre-defining disc, Kind of Blue, before commencing his efforts on this one. Coltrane (tenor sax) is flanked here by essentially two different trios. Recording commenced in early May of 1959 with a pair of sessions that featured Tommy Flanagan (piano) and Art Taylor (drums), as well as Paul Chambers - who was the only bandmember other than Coltrane to have performed on every date. When recording resumed in December of that year, Wynton Kelly (piano) and Jimmy Cobb (drums) were instated - replicating the alternate non-Bill Evans lineup featured on 'Freddie the Freeloader' on Kind of Blue, sans Miles Davis of course. At the heart of these recordings, however, is the laser-beam focus of Coltrane's tenor solos. All seven pieces issued on the original Giant Steps are Coltrane compositions. He was, in essence, beginning to rewrite the jazz canon with material that would be centered on solos - enabling the solo to become infinitely more compelling. This would culminate in a frenetic performance style using melodic phrasing that noted jazz journalist Ira Gitler accurately dubbed 'sheets of sound.' The Giant Steps chord progression consists of a distinctive set of chords that create key centers a major third apart. Jazz musicians ever since have used it as a practice piece, it's difficult chord changes presenting a 'kind of ultimate harmonic challenge', and serving as a gateway into modern jazz improvisation. Several pieces on this album went on to become jazz standards, most prominently 'Naima' and 'Giant Steps.' The Penguin Guide to Jazz selected this album as part of it's suggested 'Core Collection' calling it 'Trane's first genuinely iconic record.' In 2003, the album was ranked No. 102 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, 103 in a 2012 revised list, and 232 in a 2020 revised list. Undeniable music perfection deserves definitive sound and top-notch packaging. This reissue was mastered directly from the original master tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound and cut at 45 RPM. Pressed at Quality Record Pressings, and housed in tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination by Stoughton Printing. Overall, Giant Steps is not only a critical triumph but also a defining moment in John Coltrane's career. It's innovative compositions, masterful performances, and profound influence on jazz make it an essential entry in Coltrane's discography and a timeless masterpiece in the history of the genre. Tracklist:0 Side 1 1 Giant Steps 2 Cousin Mary 3 4 Side 2 5 Countdown 6 Spiral 7 8 Side 3 9 Syeeda's Song Flute 10 11 Side D 12 Naima 13 Mr. P.C.
John Coltrane - Giant Steps (Gate) [180 Gram]
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Analogue Productions (Atlantic Series) Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Atlantic Records! If I Could Only Remember My Name -David Crosby's debut solo album! 180-gram 45 RPM double LP Mastered directly from the original master tape by Bernie Grundman Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination by Stoughton Printing If I Could Only Remember My Name was the debut solo record from David Crosby. Recorded in 1970 after the passing of his girlfriend Christine and released in February of 1971, the album explores themes including loss and disorientation. The album features a who's who of contributors from the San Francisco Bay area including Paul Kantner and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and Santana, and his cohort from Los Angeles including Graham Nash, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. The album has attained a cult status throughout the last 50 years, hailed for it's spooky, psychedelic, and truly unique sounds. AllMusic gave the album 4.5 stars, with reviewer Stanton Swihart writing: 'With his ringing, velvety voice - the epitome of hippie crooning - and inspired songwriting, he turns If I Could Only Remember My Name into a one-shot wonder of dreamy but ominous California ambience.' All the hallmarks of a top-notch Analogue Productions reissue are here for you to savor: Mastered directly from the original master tape by Bernie Grundman and cut at 45 RPM. Pressed at Quality Record Pressings, and housed in tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination by Stoughton Printing. Tracklist:0 Side A 1 1. Music Is Love 2 2. Cowboy Movie 3 4 Side B 5 1. Tamalpais High (At About 3) 6 2. Laughing 7 8 Side C 9 1. What Are Their Names 10 2. Traction In The Rain 11 12 Side C 13 1. Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) 14 2. Orleans 15 3. I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here
David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name (Gate) [180 Gram]

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